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Credentialing Services for Medical Providers

  • Credentialing is the process of enrolling healthcare providers with payers. This is the way a patient can get the total benefit from insurance to pay for medical services.

Our Medical Credentialing Services Include:

Credentialing Verification

Our dedicated team first ensures the providers’ sent credentialing documents to reduce mistakes and then submits them to Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance as per the request by the health care providers.


Why would a Provider Require Credentialing Services?

Yes, doctors can accomplish this on their own, but using a professional medical credentialing firm would take care of all the problems. A professional credentialing service for physicians like MD Cave can perform the grunt work 

Obtaining Credentials is Next

Finding the finest medical billing and credentialing services is a difficult undertaking for a healthcare worker. Whether there will be mental serenity or 


How long Does It Take to Get Credentials?

The credentialing procedure usually takes 90 to 120 days, however, it might go more quickly if all the paperwork is in order and there are no complaints.



So, we are providing the services to enroll the healthcare provider with the payers to enlarge the provider’s revenue scale. In this process, payers verify a provider’s qualifications to ensure that they can provide care to patients. Simply put, if provider credentials with more payers can be facilitated, more patients will be served. MD CAVE’s Physicians Credentialing Service is a crucial step to avoid delayed submission of healthcare claims, crossing filing limits, wastage of time, and loss of revenue. The credentialing process is managed by our experienced team which helps you navigate the process of provider enrollment and MD credentialing.

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