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  • Due to refused medical claims, many physician practices lose out on thousands of dollars in revenue each year. These rejections are frequently the result of weak denial management policies and practices. In essence, you want to reduce the frequency of denials by identifying both the underlying reason and the coded cause. Every incident where payment is late or less than anticipated must be looked into.

What is Denial Management?

Denial management is a tactical procedure designed to identify and address issues that result in the rejection of medical claims. But the approach should 

What is your Denial Management Strategy?

A clean claim is filed without any mistakes or other problems, such as inadequate supporting evidence that prevents prompt payment.

Categories of Claim Denials:

A brief or interim denial that might be honored if the practitioner makes the necessary corrections; no appeal is required.


What are Claim Rejections?

Medical billing denial management includes understanding the distinction between rejected and denied claims. When a claim is processed and

Top Denial Reasons in Medical Billing:

The amount of money that physician offices could be losing if they don’t pay enough attention to the denial management process. These 

Guidelines to Reduce Claim Denials:

You can reduce claim denials by following these five simple steps:


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