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In order to Achieve the Goal of a Clean Claim Submission, Accurate Charges are Assential.

  • Another difficult and time consuming step in the billing process is payment posting. 
  • Every day, a practise might get hundreds to thousands of EOBs or ERAs. 
  • These payments must be efficiently entered into the system in order for the account receivables report to accurately reflect the practice’s current financial situation.

Benefits of Contracting Out Payment Posting

Release the internal personnel from time-consuming and tedious tasks.

24-hour TAT time and 99% accuracy in payment posting ensure timeliness.


How would MD CAVE Accomplish it?

While ERAs can be obtained straight from the programmed, paper EOBs can be scanned and mailed.

Payment Posting Work Flow

After submission, claims receive an additional level by our clearinghouse. All payments will be sent directly to practice location. We recommend registering with insurance 

Depending on the needs of the customer, MD CAVE offers Payment posting and Electronic Remittance both as a standalone service and as a component of revenue cycle management services. A wide variety of medical software, including clinical Works, GE Centricity, Care Cloud, and many more, have been handled by our team of professionals with great success
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