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  • The process of correctly converting clinical information, diagnoses, and conducted operations into codes is known as medical coding. Companies like MD Cave that offer medical coding services give codes to practitioners, enabling them to finish the billing cycle and collections.

What is Medical Billing and Coding?

It is crucial to accurately translate CPT codes since they inform payers of the clinical treatments that were carried out, and ICD codes confirm this by 

How do We Set Yourself Apart From Others?

Synchronization, team binding, and quick acknowledgement that make a productive difference in the revenue. Team co-ordination is the back bone of 

Timely Submission of Claims:

Timely filling is the time limit set by the payers to submit a claim. So, this is very important for the total medical billing cycle. MD CAVE expert team submit claims as 

Perfect, Not Finished Yet:

MD CAVE unique sequential claim processing system, reduces denials, and a regular follow up on each claim resultantly make a bridge to enhance revenue cycle. We have a different attitude to process Medical billing and coding services in the new era. We have been performing this whole process in a workflow template, that distinguish us from all other medical billing service providers. Our separated departmental approach to observe each claim tracking that increases the efforts and time but as a reward for this segmented approach that ensured to reduce the errors and an increase in the reimbursement for health care providers.

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