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Cloud Based Electronic Practice Management System

  • By automating time-consuming financial and administrative activities, practice management software replaces them with standardized electronic transactions and workflows. To keep your office running efficiently, our EHR software is connected with cloud-based practice management software.

Reduce Errors and Keep Track of Your Claims

Unnecessary mistakes are frequently produced by manual claim processing. Medical practitioners may employ software to convey the appropriate data to 

Strong Claim Denial Management Capabilities

When a claim is processed and subsequently rejected by a payer, this is known as claim denial. Every rejected claim is placed in a container that may be 

Management of Patient Eligibility & Insurance

Software for practice management speeds up reimbursement by simplifying payment procedures. Providers have access to demographic data on patients

Sets of Billing Codes (ICD-10 And CPT)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services specify a code set (CMS). Longer names or explanations are substituted in place of this common 

What Should Do...

Organizations deploy practice management to manage registration, scheduling, patient tracking, patient accounting and reporting through a single workflow across all operations. Be effective in running day to day operations that result in patient satisfaction and office efficiency. Manage the revenue cycle to maximize cash flow.  Mitigate risk with strong compliance programs. Strengthen the business with good financial planning and corporate structure.

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